Brand Strategist & Designer in San Francisco | Brigit.KH.Studio


Hi, Brigit here! I’m a creative director and entrepreneur specializing in creating transformational brand experiences for businesses and individuals.

I was born to do creative work and help others, and I find ways to reach clients' goals. There are times I find myself spending an extra hour to find tune the one line of code for online typography, just to match with all the offline print materials for clients. I'm a perfectionist at work, so I don't bring that version of me home :)


WHO I work with

· Businesses who believe in the power of brands as a business asset and are looking for partnerships that you can trust to rebuild the brand experiences that drive future product/service sales. You understand your industry very well and have so many ideas to be implemented; the problem is you never have the time to do so, problem solved: drop me a line, and I can't wait to help you! 

· Guys, girls, and couples who have something special in life coming up, you want to celebrate in styles and create unforgettable experiences that last in your memories forever. If you're worried if you can top off the anxiety of executing every detail correctly and fully enjoy the celebration yourself, you come to the right place: I'm thrilled to be part of your special day, and I can't wait to see how I can help you on your fab day!


Why work with me

You have the opportunity right here to have a Silicon Valley Trained designer and creative working with you to build the dream brand experience you've been longing for quite a while. After seven years' UI/UX design practice in several of Silicon Valley's most innovative tech companies, I chose to embark on the adventure of having my design studio. I believe in the beauty of design and innovation, and I've always wanted to use my skill sets to delight individuals and hard-working entrepreneurs, either on a personal level or a business level.